Face Masks

In response to COVID-19, and to do our part in keeping our community safe and “flattening the curve”, on March 17th embellish boutique temporarily closed its brick-and-mortar. Up to that point, I had elected not to pursue a more robust online sales presence because having face to face interactions and building personal relationships with customers was a facet on which I chose to put my focus. As such, the storefront represented 100% of our revenue stream. Through the ingenuity and hard work of an amazing employee (Thanks Rachel!) we have quickly pivoted to launch an e-commerce site (welcome!) and have applied for every loan and grant opportunity made available to assist businesses through this unprecedented slow-down. While we are hopeful these efforts can provide the promised relief, we are entering our second month of operating expenditures, with limited offsetting revenue. I am so thankful to all who have helped and have offered to help in so many different ways! You have convinced me to kick my pride aside and accept any assistance you are willing to offer. Make a monetary donation to directly support our shop during the Covid-19 Pandemic. And we are now selling Face Masks to help respect the social distancing guidelines! We look forward to seeing your smiling faces as soon as it is safe to open. Thank you so much!