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We stand with you. We stand for change.

We stand with you. We stand for change.

Last night I got word from the chamber of Commerce and Alderman Matt Martin's office that I should clear my store window of anything of value. This was a precaution in hopes to lessen the blow in case my windows get smashed and possible looting occurs. I ran to the store right away and with help from a good friends' husband, we quickly cleared out my whole store. I can’t afford to replace my inventory quickly if it were to get destroyed. It looks like we don’t exist anymore. I was crying and I was scared and sad but I kept thinking I don’t feel like this daily and it would suck if I did. Many feel scared and helpless on a daily basis and that’s not ok. If you can't see the systemic racism in our country, your eyes are closed. Your ears are closed. Open your eyes and ears. It is time for real change. 

We stand with you! 

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