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This is everyone right now, right?

This is everyone right now, right?

Well, I'm getting an F+ for instagram and facebook posts. We're hustling behind the scenes but I often have lots of words swirling my head that don't seem to find their way out. So here's what's been going on!

Rachel is working on our website...hidden in a closet at her apartment. She has a literal bouncing baby boy, he's 2 and Rachel can maybe get 35 seconds of work done if she doesn't hide out in her makeshift office! She is the mastermind behind our website and is working so hard on it! I am incredibly thankful for her being able to get it up and running so quickly!!

I've taken a million crappy photos as I try to learn to take pics for the website...some are good though!

I hustle back-and-forth between the store and home so I can help Scarlett with school (a.k.a. Stalk her to do her schoolwork because she hates school)...this has been interesting. Some days are great...some are not so great!

Scarlett has anxiety, heck I think we all have it! I didn't realize my dog had it though...what I thought was a medical problem is actually anxiety...the vet wants him to take Prozac.

I've had a lot of migraines...ouch!

I got an email 2 weeks ago that I got approved for the PPP Loan. Omg, no small businesses seem to be getting this's a miracle. Well, 2 weeks later, I haven't seen a dime. It's past the 10 day turnaround time where they kick you out and you have to apply again. I'm hearing that they changed that rule...praying!! Fingers crossed!

Flowers and Buds are showing up like magic!

People are so incredibly nice! All our designers are hustling and pivoting and making it all work. We are so lucky we have incredible customers so we can keep supporting our amazing designers in a very tough time.

I just got some face masks in and we will be adding them to the site soon...back to working on those pics! It feels very weird to be selling face masks...just sayin'!

Thanks for reading! I hope you are all doing well! You are not alone! We're all in this together!