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Not in LOVE with Valentine's Day?

Not in LOVE with Valentine's Day?

I've been thinking a lot about Valentine’s Day since, well, January 2nd. I think we all have as we keep looking for something new to look forward to. I typically do not look forward to Valentine's Day. I've always felt bad about that, especially since I own a little shop that should be all about this day of showing love to those you care about.

Last year was the pinnacle of feeling bad. I was picking up little heart cookies from Defloured and the owner, Joanne, said “don't you just love Valentine’s Day?” I replied, “ugh, I hate it!” After I said it, I felt horrible and apologized for being so negative. That is so out of character for me as I am generally a non-hating, positive person. Joanne explained that she doesn't see it as a romantic day but rather a day to enjoy a great meal and celebrate together. I've been thinking about that ever since.

So, why do I hate Valentines so much? Is it because I'm not a romantic? Do I not know how to feel warm and fuzzy? Do I have Seasonal Affective Disorder and February sucks? Do I also hate the term "Galantine’s"? Wait...isn't Galantine’s just celebrating with friends...ugh, I'm even more of a jerk! Is it just a stupid Hallmark holiday? Have I just never met the right person to make it fun to celebrate?! The list goes on and on....

As I pondered these questions, I started to think about how excited I used to get to make the "valentine card mailbox" at school every year. I loved opening all of the handmade cards from my classmates and eating cupcakes!

This year I have decided to look at Valentine’s Day in a different light. It is a fun day to look forward to during a pandemic. You DON’T need a significant other. You don't need to feel pressure if you're not a romantic person. You can treat yourself, treat your friends, treat your kids. Order some carry out...make a special dinner...donate a special dinner. Love yourself, love your dog, love the outdoors, love your family, love your friends.

We are going through some traumatic times. Now is the time to be kind to others and to yourself.