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An unprecedented time

An unprecedented time

It has been about 2 months that we have been social distancing, wearing masks, staying inside, and blurring our eyes out on screens. There is an end in sight, kind of. There are good days and bad days, but we still hang on. 

Am I taking more thoughtful time for myself and slowing down the pace? Hmmmm. Or am I just pulling it together however I can and internally freaking out? Umm, yes!

We are here for you.

We get it.

As I talk, text, and zoom with people each day I have seen a silver lining: People sharing with one another. It is in a much greater capacity that I see people sharing and listening to one another- and taking time. We may be far apart but somehow we feel closer together. 

In my neighborhood, here are the things I've seen and learned:

  •      A young boy and his mom posted flyers offering help- a friendly phone chat, grocery delivery, yard cleaning, walking by the house to wave.
    • My neighbors are homeschooling their 2 elementary school children AND working from home. Full-time. With smiles on their faces.
    • A daycare stayed open for children with parents who are essential medical professionals- no other parents at this daycare are 1st responders. The daycare stayed open for ONLY this one family to support their efforts to keep us safe and healthy on the frontlines.
    • There is no other way I would have an opportunity to spend this much time with my family. Even on hard days, I know that this won't last forever and remind myself to breathe through it all. Remember, they are feeling the same thing too.
    • Beautiful stained glass chalk art on sidewalks...thank you for making me smile!!

    Do I worry about the impact this is having on me, my child, my friends and family, my business, our country, our world? Absolutely, how could I not? But taking it all in stride is the only way I can tackle each day. Remembering the sound of the waves at the beach when I can mentally escape to my happy place on the beach. The designers and non-profits we support throughout the year are certainly feeling this and all we can do is support one another as best as we can. One day at a time...or maybe just minute by minute. And thanks Cody for making me laugh with your big ears!

    Hang in there, embellish lovers- and email us a story that brightened your day. We miss seeing you in the shop and want to hear from you! 

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