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A Guide: How to wear Earrings with a Face Mask

A Guide: How to wear Earrings with a Face Mask

Many of you have been in the shop talking with us about what is new and different during Covid. What isn’t!?! There are some big, heavy topics, and then this one keeps coming up…

“I miss wearing my big hoops and dangle earrings.”

We did too! While studs are super simple and easy, we hear you!

We’ve tested + tried out different ways but again and again, this is the method that keeps us donning our fave big earrings!

#1. Your face mask should be the last thing you put on before heading out.

#2. Once your favorite dangles or hoops are on, place your face mask on and extend the elastic around your entire ear. Also slip the earring through the ear elastic.

Your earring will show beautifully, have movement, and will be most comfortable for you too.

#3. Need to remove your mask for a moment? Simply slip it down below your chin and your earrings won’t be affected.

#4. Ready to get that mask back on? Slide it right up over your nose and mouth again and you are ready to go!

#5. When you are done wearing your face mask for the day, carefully expand one ear elastic over your ear and earring to remove. Take your time and this way your earring won’t be pulled off.

Don’t leave those earrings on your dresser for months- wear those babies!

P.S. You know those earring backs we gave you, this is the time to wear them!! :)

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