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A Big Thank You!

A Big Thank You!

So, I've been running my butt off since March to keep this little store afloat! There aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done! Everyone is in the same boat, right? Either you're going a thousand miles per hour or you're bored out of your mind. Either camp you sit in, you're a little stressed no matter how well you roll with the punches. I'm pretty good with rolling with the punches but I have moments where I literally feel like I'm going to crack! The thing that keeps me going are little acts of kindness.

I did a porch drop off to a customer who is now a friend (like many of you out there.... thank you for that) and she left me this amazing lotion for my over washed bloody and cracked hands! She also left me some soap and this amazing smelling all natural deodorant all of which I have been using daily and they make me feel like I am at a spa!

My neighbor has been doing my stories for me for free! I commented on how much I love her creative and fun stories and she offered to do mine because she loves it and knows that I can't keep up! What?! Who does that!! Amazing!

Rachel, the mastermind behind the website, updates it day and night and even put the face masks up online yesterday when I told her to take the day off. It was really a huge help that she did that because they are our #1 seller right now and it is one more thing that helps embellish to survive!

I am constantly wowed by the little gifts people are sending to each other to lift spirits. I am proud of people who are buying themselves a little succulent or earrings to brighten up their own day while they stay home. All those little acts of kindness to yourself and others add up!

I thank those who have helped me keep my days bright and sunny even when they should feel grey. ;)

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